Friday, July 29, 2011

Dell Venue Pro Unlocked for Cheap!

After waiting for Fogellus to release the Dell Venue Pro, it doesn't look like it will be coming after all the rumours and shit.  However, if you have a friend in the US and or a shipping address in the US, here's the next best thing.  The Dell US Ebay store is currently *still* selling an Unlock Dell Venue Pro - 16GB storage version for a really good price of $299 US (that's under $299) Canadian.  State taxes are of course required and HST/GST/PST when you bring it back across the border.  Yes, the Dell EBay site only ships to US addresses.

Linky here

Both the AT&T and the T-Mobile versions are available for the same price unlocked.

If you are on Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, you will need the AT&T version
If you are on Mobilicity, WindMobile, you will need the T-Mobile version (1700Mhz 3G band)

Before you go crazy and order this, note that the Generation 2 "Mango" devices are coming in September to wage battle against iPhone 5.  Still a great price for a good WP7 phone with a slide out vertical keyboard.

Source: Ebay

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mango has been RTM'ed

According to the fine folks over the the Windows Team Blog, Mango build has been RTM'ed or released to manufacturing.  Which means that the new Gen2 WP7 handsets will be able to start testing on this official WP7 release build and get ready to release to market.

This of course also means that the old G1 WP7 will receive this update soon once our Canadian telcos should be getting this build so that they can start testing on their network and the existing handsets.

Can't wait for Mango?  At least it's now a matter of Rogers/Telus/Bell/Sasktel getting their act together and start testing this build on their network.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Canadian Marketplace news

With Mango on the horizontals, WP7 is finally gaining a lot more attention around the gadget community. 

As Canadians, one of the problems we have had with the Marketplace is that despite the high C$, we constant pay 10% more for our apps than our American counterparts.

Well, my fellow Canuck (the crazy kinds), when I was checking out the marketplace today, I notice that app prices are now EXACTLY the same as the America marketplace. 99 cents are now actually that, 99 cents.  (no more $1.09 apps).

Now if Microsoft can notify the automakers about this so what on-par Canadian dollar, we'd be all set.