Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Forcing Mango

Over at WPCentral, they have a good article on how to force the Mango update to your phone if you have not received the update notification.

force installing mango

If you have done this before with the NoDo update (like I have done before), the steps are very familiar.

Once I get home tonight and give it a go.

*Update* - Updating right now, had to force it.. stay tuned...

Mango is here!

The Windows where is my update page have be updated with the where about of Windows 7.5 (or Mango) for carriers across the globe.

I have also put the information for the Canadian carriers down below.  Telus is claiming on their website that they are rolling out the update for LG Optimus 7

Just tried connecting in my HTC Surround to my Zune Desktop... nothing... still nothing...

Post a comment if your device manage to get you a update notification or you have installed/updated your phone and just want to rub it in.  Try to be patient if you haven't got your notification yet.  From the Nodo update experience, most of you should know how to this is going to work.

For those who don't, Microsoft staggers their update over several weeks to different carriers, different devices, if you came from the Android camp, you will get the update within the next few weeks (rather than a year later), if you came from the iPhone camp, well, at least you will know that it is unlikely to brick your phone.

Good luck!

I'll be posting information on new mango handsets as they become available in Canada.  I would like to get the HTC Radar on Wind so I can tell Fido to shove it :)

via MobileSyrup

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Whatsapp is now available (Mango devices only)

If you have come to the Windows Phone 7 camp from the iPhone realms (like myself), there isn't that a whole lot of apps that I tell myself that I wished WP7 had that.

I could never play games on these iDevices or touch screen devices properly (although I love the ilomilo puzzle game on WP7).  I am a big gamer (own ps3, own an xbox360, sold the Wii for a Kinect sensor), so I do enjoy hardcore games as well as casual games. The lack of buttons on the touch screen devices is one of the problems so I don't miss any of the games.  Apps that suits my needs?  I'd rather one that I could use well rather than 300,000 fart apps.

But one app that I wished WP7 had all this time is of course the cross platform communicator app, Whatsapp.  It should allow you to finally get back in touch with your iPhone/Android buddies that you have abandoned for the greater good :)

Luckily, that wait is almost over, I know it is now available on the Zune store (link - opens zune).  For most of you who are waiting for Mango to drop, you have wait a little bit longer.

Another good news is that it is currently FREE.  If you have Mango already, what are you waiting for, go get it like yesterday...

If you want to know what whatsapp does, it sends text messages, let's you attach pictures, etc, through your data connection meaning that if you have one of those 125 outgoing message so-call "deals", and it costs you extra for sending MMS, you can now use whatsapp to do this provided you have free Wifi or if you have a data plan

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sept 27 maybe very fruitful

All fruits are pointing to September 27 as "Mango Day" worldwide.  Would Microsoft learn from the way they rolled NoDo out, I like the cautious way they did it but it just took a long time for people to get them.

Seems like the tweets, mobile carriers websites from around the world are all pointing to Sept 27.  Will have to see..

But folks, looks like the wait is over (or will it?) on Sept 27.

On another note, the popular and often missed cross platform instant message app WhatsApp appears to be in beta testing.  Loved it from my old iPhone days.  Looking forward to it releasing on WP7.

... Fingers Crossed ....

*Update* - I will be bringing a review of Mango update for us Canadians WP7 users once I get the *proper* release in my phone (via a Zune update).  Beta is great and all but I want to know what kind of stuff we Canadians will be able to see in the official Mango release.  I will go over some of the bugs that we have discovered in Nodo (i.e. bing map workaround), another one is the Push Notification problem that could only be resolved if you have a dev unlock device and see whether or not Microsoft manage to be nicer to us Canucks.