Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Problems with accessing documents on WP7?

If you were trying to access on your documents on your WP7 phone today via Skydrive, you will end up getting a "Page not found" error.  This was pretty annoying but it is fixable.  Your documents are still intact in the cloud.  It's just that the new Skydrive feature launch yesterday caused some issues.

Microsoft has realized this and have issues a work around for the problem

But before you go crazy with this fix, there are of course some "catch".  MAKE SURE IF YOU HAVE LOCALLY SAVED COPIES OF YOUR DOCUMENTS, MAIL THEM TO YOURSELF FIRST.

I lost one of my OneNote document so I am a bit pissed about that.

From Microsoft: 

Important note: When you reset Office, it will delete your local phone documents. It will also remove any pinned items from your home screen, so you’ll need to pin them again afterwards.
  1. Go to the Office hub on your phone, and if you don’t have copies elsewhere, email any existing documents on your phone to yourself, so that you have a copy.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to the Applications pivot.
  4. Select Office.
  5. Tap the Reset Office button. (If you get a message that Office could not be reset, reboot your phone and try again).
Once Office is reset, your files and notebooks should open properly from SkyDrive.


Click here for the full rundown

Not sure about WP7? Try this out!

If you or your friends and family who wants to try out the Windows Phone 7 experience on a device but all they have right now are Android phones and iPhones? No worries, Microsoft have that covered.

From your Android device or iPhone navigate to here and get a demo of what some of the WP7 UI feels like.  Of course keep in mind that it's a HTML5 page so it's going to be a bit slow (I had my friend's Motorola Atrix go to this website and it was fast but the real devices are of course going to be faster).  It also works on iPad pretty much any browsers that supports HTML5.

But with Microsoft and the Canadian carriers dragging their feet for year end, it would be at least sometime next year until we see some gen 2 wp7 devices.

Demo link

Additional note:
if you are a commuter around the Vancouver/Fraser Valley region, I have just submitted a FREE app into the marketplace which could help with your daily commute.  I will post the information on my new app as soon as it is released in the marketplace.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Windows Phones 7 for Canada this Christmas?

It's nearly Christmas time and normally that's where most smartphone vendors pushes their wares.  Last year, WP7 was released around the November timeframe.  But this year, none of the big 3 or the little 2 even made a peep about the generation 2 of the WP7 devices.

What gives?

Have tweeted Windows Phone (@windowsphone) and nothing, I have even tweeted the program manager at Microsoft and... nothing.  Have tweeted the larger telcos here in Canada and still, nothing.

Has Microsoft abandoned Canada or are they just concentrating their firepower on countries with larger population (i.e. Taiwan, Hong Kong).  This is definitely getting ridicules.

This silent treatment is just bullshit.  All we have heard so far is that Nokia Canada is bringing a number of devices to Canada sometime next year.  It looks to me that if you are waiting for gen 2 WP7 devices to gift or to receive this Christmas, sad to say this but it does look like the iPhone is the other alternative for a polish UI experience.

If abandoning Canada this Christmas is the strategy for WP7, that's a real shame.

It is also very difficult for me to show the awesomeness of WP7 to my Canadian friends when they do not have a way to acquire one.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tango VOIP App now available!

Tango is now available for your WP7 devices, chances are it is Mango only so if you haven't updated your phone, what are you waiting for?

Anyhow, for those of you who are wondering what Tango is, it is a cross platform voip app that works on iOS, Android, and now, WP7.  You can chat with your friends over 3G/4G/Wifi for free!

It works best if you have a front facing camera but it works none the less.   I have tried it with my friend on an iPhone 4 and aside from the video being a little laggy on 3G (understandable), it worked quite well.

Download it here!

Tango Features:

• Free calls between Windows Phone, Android and iOS phones and tablets, and PCs
• Save money with free international calls to other Tango members
• Start a phone call with Tango and switch to a video call when you have something to show by tapping the camera icon
• We automatically find the friends that already have Tango
• No log in and password - create an account in less than five seconds
• Invite your friends by Text and Email
• Simple and easy to use
*UPDATE* - apparently there are Samsung and HTC versions of the Tango app, not sure what the differences are.  I have the original Tango app from Tango and seems to work for me so if you have a gen 1 device like I have and the HTC/Samsung version doesn't work for you, just use the regular version

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HTC Titan.. Sort of... If you don't like using any 3G in Canada

*WARNING* Stay the hell away from buying this phone from NCIX if you want to use this on ANY 3G networks in Canada.

Don't care about 3G? Then read on...

That fun and wacky online computer store NCIX.COM should be very familiar to a lot of folks in BC and some folks in Canada. is currently selling the HTC Titan on their website for a cool $739.99 Cdn.  If you are interested in using with any kind of 3G speeds in Canada, you are out of luck as this lacks both the 1900Mhz (for you Rogers/Fido/Telus/Bell folks) and 1700Mhz (Wind/Mobilicity folks) so really, if you are crazy enough to get this, you are going to be stuck on the GSM bands (quad band).

So if you are that desperate for this piece of 4.7" inch of WP7.5 awesomeness, you can get your taste of the HTC Titan now.  I guess if you just want a GSM quad band WP7.5 phone like right now, and you don't care about data plans because WiFi is where it's at, you could pick this up now as it is unlocked.

I'd rather wait for the carrier subsidized ones.

*UPDATE* Turns out NCIX is not full of crazies.. is selling for $799.99 US

Monday, November 7, 2011

How the Biggest WP7 Phone was built in NYC

Microsoft is currently holding a big Mango Phone launch event in New York City. There's also a 6 story Windows Phone on display.  Check out this cool time-lapsed video on how it was built.  If you happen to be in the area (Herald Square), be sure to check it out!

Source: Windows Team Blog

Friday, November 4, 2011

WP7 Gen 2 Devices Roundup

With the launch of the Mango update for the Gen 1 WP7 phones, there are also WP7 generation 2 devices releases launches around the world but being in Canada (you know how it goes), we have zero idea of when the big 3 are getting these new devices, and of course, not even a peep of information for the little carriers on the AWS band (Wind and Mobiliticity among the smaller players)

In this post I will attempt to compile a list of the known generation 2 WP7 handsets and the likelihood of Canadians getting our hands on them and of course the ones that we have no chance of getting unless you are getting it unlocked.  I'll also try to list out some specs for these phones.

Note that some specs may not be entirely correct as I am gathering the information from manufacturers' websites as well as places like GSM arena.  Please also note that this "Likely Carrier" thing I have for each phone is my personal opinion, I am only guessing based on history of the manufacturer's relationship with the carrier.

Read on for more...