Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Damn it...

Turns out being a non-US resident will mean that I need to get some sort of US tax ID before I can submit apps and given Microsoft $99. At least MS is nice enough to stop me from paying them $99 since I don't have a US tax ID. Apple just took my $ and now I find that I do need a tax ID to submit Apple Apps as well.

For now, if you are a non-US resident like me (I am from Canada btw) and you are interested in finding out what you need to do to submit an App to the WP7 marketplace, i'd suggest that you start by visiting AppHub. It has a lot of information about how to build your first WP7 app and what you need to submit an App.

I'll try to update this blog of my process/progress of acquiring a US tax ID as a Canadian. Hope it's not too difficult to get this.

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