Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still no pre-NoDo Update for HTC...

It's been over a week since the Pre-NoDo update was released by Microsoft.  Some have reported problems with Samsung Omnia 7 upgrade but at least it is rolling out for Samsung (even the LG devices are getting the update notification)  But for us HTC owners, we are left in the dark as to where this update is.

This is not just the case for us HTC Surround owners, but after combing through the intertubes and forums from different parts of the world, no HTC WP7 device owners (Trophy, HD7, Surround, 7 Pro) have gotten a peep of this update.

I initially thought that Telus being was being Telus but it appears that it is not the case (even the Americans folks at AT&T forums were puzzled).  Maybe it's also the case of AT&T being AT&T but it looks like HTC is somehow holding this back.  Going through the HTC Forums yielded nothing so I guess we'll have to wait this one out my fellow HTC brothers.

Please drop a comment if you are an HTC WP7 owner and you've actually gotten the update.  You Samsung and LG owners can brag too... 

So what does it mean for the rumoured March 8th release of NoDo?


  1. unlocked HTC HD7 on Fido (Canada).. still nothing. I'm so tired of seeing the message "Your phone is up to date" :)

  2. The NoDo update is delayed. Well, since MS never actually promised a date, (all those dates are speculated dates from varies sources), they are not actually late. the Pre-NoDo is kinda weird as they had problems with some updates to the Samsung Omnia 7 so different carriers might just be updating the phones with the accumulated updates when the time comes (likely when they think they have tested it enough). It is kinda interesting to see that the WP7 updates can released to a controlled group rather than everyone at once.