Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rogers Nodo update available!

Some of the Samsung Focus users are starting to get their Nodo updates.  If you are using a SIM unlocked version, try plugging your phone into your Zune Desktop.  If you are on Rogers and your update is ready, you *should* get a notification.

I have to stress that patience is required at this moment as Microsoft is staggering their updates.  Don't be sad if you don't get the update right away, just know that the process as started and it will be your turn eventually.

This staggering update release strategy is interesting as some of you know that Nodo was actually released last week to the un-branded unlocked phones.  So far it's been pretty quiet which pretty much means the update for those guys were successful.

Only Bell is left.  If you have a Bell WP7 handset and have received the update, feel free to share.


  1. Hmmm... Nope. I'm in Vancouver and I still don't have it :/

  2. Nothing in here in London Ontario and it's a week later. Maybe after staggering it fell down on it's face?

  3. Some of my friends who are on Telus/Bell/Rogers are slowly seeing these updates getting rolled out. Still staggering I guess.

    It would be interested how MS handles future updates. Maybe staggering is not the way to go forward?