Saturday, May 19, 2012

Better update that Gen1 handset to Mango soon...

Over at the Windows Team Blog, they are reminding that if you are using the gen 1 WP7 handsets, and you have to upgraded your handset to run the "Mango" firmware or Windows Phone 7.5, you'd better hurry because if you do not, you will likely lose access to install apps from the Marketplace (both the phone and the webfront).

Here the first generation handsets that were available in Canada in case you are puzzled:

From Rogers:
- Samsung Focus

From Bell:
- LG Optimus Quantum (the one with the slide out keyboard)

From Telus:
- LG Optimus 7
- HTC Surround (the one with the slide out speaker)

If you are anything other than these, you should be on Mango already.

How do you check your phone's firmware version?  It's easy

  1. Start the "Settings" app
  2. Scroll down to the bottom under "Systems" and click on "about"
  3. Click the more info button
  4. Check the OS version - if you have something like 7.1.*, your phone is already on Mango
  5. If not, and you use Windows
    • go to and install the Zune Desktop
    • Plug in your WP7 phone and updates will start (depends on how old your firmware is and which update is available to your phone, it could like around 2 hours
  6. If you use Mac, 
    • open the Mac App Store (which means you either have to have OS/X 10.6.8 or 10.7.+), looking for the Windows Phone 7 Connector and install
    • plug in your WP7 device and click "Update" (or something like that) and let it install

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