Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tango is rolling out!

The latest WP7.5 update is currently being rolled out around the globe.  All Nokia Lumias are getting the update and there are news that some first gen WP7 devices are also feeling the love (LG Optimus 7 on Telus apparently is getting an update).

If you happen to be using a Nokia Lumia phone, you are in luck as Nokia provides the information as to the whereabouts your Tango update is.  (Check your Nokia Lumia Update status here)

For the rest of the WP crowd, it's time to plug it into Zune Desktop or the WP7 Connector on the Mac and see if you have an update waiting for you (or you can just wait for the you have update prompt on your phone)

Among the bug fixes, the biggest feature Tango will bring is enhanced MMS and the long awaited WiFi Tethering or hotspot.

As of this moment, my factory unlocked Nokia Lumia 800 still have not received any update notifications yet.

... Yes, more on Windows Phone 7.8 a bit later.


  1. I picked up a White Lumia 710 from Rogers today (wasted 4hrs trying to get it unlocked through Rogers, and I'm still not done)

    However, it came already loaded with 8773.12120

  2. nice! I am still waiting for my unbranded Lumia 800 to get the update which is really weird because normally the unbranded ones are the first to get them.