Friday, December 24, 2010

Sports Score Apps for Canadians in WP7 Marketplace

When it comes to sports scores apps, unfortunately at this moment, the WP7 marketplace is "lacking"
And more importantly for us Canadians, if you want to get hockey scores, currently there are not a lot of choices. The CBC app only reports scores and some stats on hockey scores (which is important), however, it is very slow to get updates and the UI layout is strange and weird. It is currently the top free sports score app in the Canadian Marketplace (probably for the lack of alternatives).
There are couple of free apps that gives you just the scores for the major North American sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) but they currently do not provide any stats on the game (important for us hockey poolies). Don't even think about CFL scores.
So, while TSN, and Sportsnet hopefully are busy writing them as we speak (I hope they are), if you want your hockey fix, here's what you could do until the real apps comes out.
From your WP7 IE, go to and by default, it takes you to the hockey scores (TSN knows what we want). You can then hit the "..." to bring up more options and select "pin to start" and you are done. Next time you want your hockey scores just go to the start page and hit your TSN link.
I'd rather use this quick link to the tsn website rather than the slow cbc sports app.

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