Thursday, December 23, 2010

The WP7 Marketplace is growing! *Update*

Been checking for new WP7 everyday since I got my phone 3 weeks ago. At first most are published by Microsoft Game Studios. Everyday, maybe 10 or so new apps (yes, including those bloody fart apps) are getting released on WP7M.

I just checked again this morning and I noticed popular games from the Apple App Stores are making their move. First up is Fruit Ninja (surprisely published by MGS - guess Microsoft do somehow have to pay some developers to make the more popular games for their platform) for a ok price of Cdn $3.49 (likely USD 2.99). The other popular title that made their move is Pocket God from ngcomo :) also for the price for Cdn$3.49. Both games are Xbox Live integrated and both can be tried.

The difference of purchase price is something... that I am not too happy about. Microsoft should check the exchange rates lately.. We are ON PAR!! Look at your Xbox360 pricing! They are exactly the same across the border!

The rate that the apps are coming out from WP7 Marketplace, we would have to thank the App approval team at Microsoft for working extremely hard this holiday season to release all sorts of new apps (good and bad) into the marketplace. Keep them coming!

Also, for some reason, the mysterious MarketPlace crashes seems to have gone away. Perhaps it was something to do with the server end of things at Microsoft.
I'll be reviewing the Zune Marketplace software from a Canadian point of view in the next little bit.. stay tuned!
*Update* - I was wrong about the on phone Marketplace crashes. It remains.. hope they fix it soon..

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