Friday, December 9, 2011

XBOX Companion now available for WP7 and iOS?

Unless you haven't used your XBOX360 for awhile or for some reason your XBOX360 isn't hooked up to the Intertubes, you might have already noticed that this pass Tuesday night, your XBOX dashboard has been given a complete Metro makeover for the better (well, this is a WP7 blog afterall).

What was unsure was this rumoured XBOX Companion app might not make it outside the US.

Well, at least in Canada, it seems like Microsoft have unleashed the XBOX Companion app for both WP7 and iOS (Universal App).  Yes, you have read correctly, an iOS universal app.  It's an interesting move on Microsoft's part when I tried out the iOS version on my iPad (Windows 8 tablet, where are you?) and my friend's iPhone, they both employ the Metro UI philosophy which is very good to see on the iOS.  I guess Microsoft's hope is not only to give XBOX360 owners a nice and richer way to see XBOX live activities (i.e. stalk your friends, message your friends about why aren't they hording with you in Gears of War 3), they probably took this opportunity to give the iPhone users a taste of Metro.

The WP7 version is richer is every way possible as you can even control your XBOX360 via 3G.. yes 3G!!!  I have not tested it thoroughly but it could play zune music, rent/purchase/play videos from zune.  It also gives you a virtual control pad for you to scroll through the menus.

The control responses are of course faster if you are controlling your XBOX360 via WiFi, but even through 3G it was pretty awesome and cool.

Check it out here. It's FREE!

or use your WP7 Bing Vision on this QR code:

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