Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not sure about WP7? Try this out!

If you or your friends and family who wants to try out the Windows Phone 7 experience on a device but all they have right now are Android phones and iPhones? No worries, Microsoft have that covered.

From your Android device or iPhone navigate to here and get a demo of what some of the WP7 UI feels like.  Of course keep in mind that it's a HTML5 page so it's going to be a bit slow (I had my friend's Motorola Atrix go to this website and it was fast but the real devices are of course going to be faster).  It also works on iPad pretty much any browsers that supports HTML5.

But with Microsoft and the Canadian carriers dragging their feet for year end, it would be at least sometime next year until we see some gen 2 wp7 devices.

Demo link

Additional note:
if you are a commuter around the Vancouver/Fraser Valley region, I have just submitted a FREE app into the marketplace which could help with your daily commute.  I will post the information on my new app as soon as it is released in the marketplace.

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