Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nokia Lumia 710 Pricing Confirmed on Rogers?

From the good folks at MobileSyrup, they have uncovered what could the most awesome pricing for the Nokia Lumia 710 that is about to be released in February on Rogers.

Outright price is $254.99.  Your read it, I read it, it's just a crazy price for a gen 2 WP7 device that's packed with Nokia Drive as well as other Nokia exclusive software that's coming down the pipeline.

$49.99 for on a 3 year plan but I can imagine that will get quickly dropped to $0 for a 3 year plan.

Looks like either Nokia and/or Microsoft are heavily subsidizing the Lumia devices (at least the 710 at this point if this memo is true - so far, MobileSyrup's track record as far as since I have followed them are pretty damn accurate).  That would put some interesting price pressure on Telus who have not release pricing information on the Lumia 800.

On a side note, AT&T will be releasing the Lumia 900 with a 2 year contract price for, get this $99 around mid March.  That's also a crazy pricing for the awesome Lumia 900 that on one in Canada has picked up (my bet is on Bell - my dream is for WIND as it looks to be a Pentaband phone).

Looks like the official Nokia/WP7 assault is on.

Source: MobileSyrup, BGR


  1. but will i be able to buy it, walk down to the wind or mobilicity kiosk and use it there??

  2. Unlikely. Rogers will be selling the one that uses the 850/1900 bands version. Since wind and mobility are running on the 1700 spectrum, you will not be able to use it. It is unlikely that the lumia 710 will be a pentaband phone.