Friday, March 2, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 - Rogers pricing coming into focus?

As previously posted, Rogers is getting ready to unleash the Lumia 900 sometime in April.

Over at WPCentral, they have a screenshot of the possible pricing for this.

Now sure how accurate it is as it could be just a price placeholder.  The posted "price" is at $499.99 (could be the outright price, no idea).

What's more interesting is that one of lines in the screen shoot reads "Class    4 Rogers/Fido" - I don't work in mobile phones retail stores so it might just read "Rogers/Fido" for all Rogers based phones but to me it looked interesting (especially since I am still on Fido)

So head on over to WPCentral if you are interested.

Given this information, are you going to wait?  Or are you picking up the Lumia 800?

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