Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nokia Canada Website has WP7 Front and Centre! + Lumia 800 Updates

Not sure if some of you have been over at the Nokia Canada website recently but WP7 is front and centre with pretty much all the Lumia devices Nokia is offering (or about to offer in Canada).  It's good to see them finally ridding themselves of Symbian (at least in the welcome pages).

If you have a Lumia 800, Nokia is releasing a firmware update around the world that should the battery problem when idling (other sites have reported significant increase in battery life - mostly because the firmware has reduced the amount of current drawn while the phone is idle).

If you are a previous WP7 owner, you might remember the Microsoft website where they posts where abouts the firmware update is in terms of each country and each carrier.  What you also probably remember is that Microsoft also took this update site now recently (for the 7740 and 8107 updates) because the carriers are probably complaining that MS is making them look bad for still not releasing the firmware updates (see AT&T)

So what does Nokia do?  They created their own "where's my update" page.  It's in the Nokia Europe website (source: which is kinda of weird.  What's even weirder is that it does contain update information for the 800 for Canada (and the good ol' US of A).  So head on over if you want to check whether or not your Lumia 800 is receiving the updates soon.  

As March 31, there's no update for Canadians yet.

However, if you are lucky enough to have an unbranded Lumia 800, you should already be receiving this  new Nokia firmware.

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