Friday, March 23, 2012

Cross Border Gas app now available

Have you ever wonder how much $$ you are saving when filling up in the US?  No?  Well, I have..  Since Math is hard, I have decided to write an app that does this for me.

All you will need is the exchange rate (or you can acquire it from the bank of Canada directly inside the app), the per litre price (in Cdn$) from your area, the price per gallon in the US and the total amount you paid for filling up in the US and my app will tell you how much the Canadian Government and Gas companies are screwing you over.

Trial version and Paid versions are exactly the same (both ad driven) but if you like buy me a coffee for the awesomeness of it telling you how much you are getting screwed over by filling up in Canada, you can purchase it via the donate link within the app or just buy the app for a low low price of 99 cents (I swear I can't make it any cheaper!) plus appropriate taxes

Click here on your Windows Phone or use Bing Vision on this QR code

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