Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 page is now live at Rogers!

The long wait is finally over.  The Nokia Lumia 900 is now available for order at Rogers.

Only the black one is currently available

Prices are as follows:

$99.99 - 3 year contract
$424.99 - 2 year
$474.99 - 1 year
$524.99 - no term

There is also a "deal" where Rogers will give you a XBOX360 (4GB) with the Kinect Sensor valued at $299.99 if you activate 2 smartphones on any couples and family plans (*UPDATE* might want to check out the fine prints as  per Lotos' comments below.  Thanks Lotos!)

Free XBOX360
Nokia Lumia 900 @ Rogers

*UPDATE* - Nokia/Rogers is now going to give you $100 bill credit should you buy the Lumia 900 (on contract likely)  This is due to a radio bug that is affecting some initial Lumia 900 handsets (patch is rolling out Apr 16 at least in the US).  So if you get the Lumia 900 now (unsure when this offer ends), you can get it for free (likely on a 3 yr term).. now if they only release the Cyan version


  1. That is... Give you the Xbox if you Activate AT LEAST one BRAND NEW Phone Number on a Couple or Family Plan...
    Regardless of the poorly and ambiguously worded website (and information in the Rogers store), simply amalgamating two existing Non-Family Accounts onto a Family plan (Even with the purchase of two brand new phones, and two three year contracts) will not net you an Xbox.

  2. I really want the 900, but I'm not willing to go back to Rogers to get one. In the last few days I have seen a few comments stating the 900 is exclusive to Rogers, but I am hoping it is only a timed exclusive and hopefully it will come to Telus.

    1. I am hoping that when Fido rolls out their LTE offerings, this phone (in other colours) will be one of them but Fido had kneed me in the groin repeatedly lately so I am not really that hopeful.

      There is hope I guess since the Nokia Lumia 710 was exclusive to Rogers initially but we should be seeing it really soon on WIND.

      Here's hoping that it will come to more carriers

    2. That's awesome news about WIND getting the 710. It gives me hope that the 900 really is just a timed exclusive to Rogers.

    3. There's this new crazy rumour going around that tmobile USA is getting the Lumia 900 this summer. If this is true (I don't really believe it myself), it could mean that AWS carriers like WIND and Mobi might be able to pick this up as well.

    4. I stopped at my local Best Buy tonight to check out a working Lumia 900. They had one there that I played around with and it makes me want one even more, so I asked the guy if he knew if it was coming to Telus and he said they were told Telus might have it in 3 to 4 months. Here's hoping he wasn't making stuff up and hopefully he is correct.