Saturday, April 21, 2012

Unlocked Dell Venue Pro for cheap at

If you are looking for a cheap, portrait keyboard slider WP7, there was only one available.  It was never available in Canada but now got some in stock and on sale at a very good price for $229.99 with free shipping.

It will work on Fido/Rogers 2G network but not the 3G network.  It's a Tmobile USA version so the only 3G network it will support is WIND/Mobilicity and whatever local carrier that uses the 1700 Mhz 3G band.  It WILL NOT WORK on TELUS/BELL has TELUS/BELL do not support EDGE or GSM.

Please note that warranty details if you are interested in this phone.  Please also noticed that Mango is likely the last firmware you will get for this phone as Dell is no longer manufacturing this phone and their position in the smartphone market is bleak.

I just ordered one for my wife for use on the Fido network as she really doesn't care about the data plans.  She isn't a phone savvy type people so she's not going to care about whether or not it gets more firmware updates. (Mango is already pretty damn great).

If you are on WIND/Mobilicity (and you have coverage where you are), it's definitely a good consideration.

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*Update* - looks like the new price is now at $219.99 (*&(*!@#()!@#!%#@Q$).  Anyhow, does NOT offer price protection so double *(%&$@#$@$ for me


  1. Wish I'd known you were in the market...
    I have two AT&T Freq Dell Venue Pro's (running on Rogers currently) that I was looking to get rid of... (Just upgraded to the Lumia 900's)

  2. Thanks. I was look for the TMobile one as if and when my wife decides to give WIND a shot (Worked pretty much at all the place she goes to except in my ground level garage), I can get her on a data plan for cheap.

    How's the Lumia 900 by the way? I find it a little bit too big for my liking. Loved the deep blackness of the screen when I checked it out at an AT&T store last weekend however. And Nokia Drive is a lot smoother than the HTC Location app.