Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Keep that 25GB on your Skydrive!

Microsoft has recently announced that the 25GB your skydrive is getting for free right now will no longer be that as most skydrive useres uses a lot less.

So what MS is doing is scaling back the Skydrive storage from 25GB to 7GB for all the users who currently have less than 7GB stored in their SkyDrive.

In case you want to keep that 25GB for all your WP7 SkyDrive auto pictures upload awesome, there is still a way for you to keep your 25GB.

Simply hit this link and it will take you to your Skydrive->Manage Storage webpage (Or sign on to SkyDrive website and on the left of the page, there is a "Manage Storage" link you can hit.  From there, select the free 25GB for Free!  and you are set.  Please note that this is for limited time only so head on over and keep that free cloud storage space!

On another note, the long overdue, skydrive desktop applications are now available for Windows 7 and Mac. On the Mac front, it appears you will need to be on 10.7.X of OS/X to install the skydrive app.


*Update* - the offer is over, you can still click the link and see if you can still get the free upgrade :)

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