Monday, January 24, 2011

Finally, A Proper Sports Scores App for WP7

Sports fans rejoice!  There is finally a good (fast) sports scores app for us WP7 users.  It is the newly released Pro Sports Scores app in the marketplace.

Currently it grabs sports scores from 4 major North American sports - MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL (important for us Canadians).

It's lightning fast, click on the scores will give you the in game stat (no play-by-play yet).. It's FREE but it is ad supported - so remember to click on some apps to show your support.  linky here (opens zune).  If the link gives you trouble like it did for me, just go to the marketplace and search for "Pro Sports Scores".

As I was flipping through the menu, there is upcoming "teaser" of sorts claiming that Live Tile support is coming soon.  Very exciting "tease" indeed.  Go grab it!  (Saves me some work as I was going to make one myself but no longer need to).

On the rumour front, ScoreMobile is going to release something for WP7 in Q1 2011.

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