Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wireless Sync Setup for your WP7 Device

One of the coolest feature of WP7 is wireless syncing to your zune application on your PC.  In a previous post I had mentioned how easy it was for me to setup it up.  Literally took 10 seconds.

However, several of my friends are little bit confused about the whole process.  I really don't know why but after listening to them for a bit, I think I understand why.

Are these friends of mine idiots?  Quite possibly... but I think it is because Microsoft try to make too easy for us PC loyalists.  What happened to the pain of messing about? GONE!  What happened to a nerdy way to copy files back and forth?  GONE! What happened to messing about with my routers and firewall for an hour and never gone it to work properly? GONE!  Honestly, are I set it wireless sync for the first time, I was like "that's it?" but now what?

Certain things that you need to be aware of wireless sync.  It is COMPLETELY transparent.  You cannot manually start the sync.  You do not need your PC to find the WP7 device and you manually move files around.  It just WORKS!

 There are 5 conditions that must be met (more info from Microsoft here)

  • your PC and your WP7 device must on the same network subnet (zune will not be able to setup wireless sync if it cannot find the device anyhow)
  • Wifi on your WP7 must be on (duuurrrrr!)
  • Your WP7 must be pluged into an AC source
  • Battery must be at least half charged
  • device must be idled (i.e. you can't be watching movies or listening to music) for at least 10 minutes
When these conditions are met, what can I say?  It just SYNCS.  The cool part is once syncing starts,  you can still check emails, surf the web on your device, but you just can't access marketplace or access your video hub.

wpcentral has a really good article on how to setup wireless sync on your wp7 device.  Comes with pictures and stuffs!

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