Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ScoreMobile for WP7

Well, that didn't take long.  Just as I had written about a post about a rumoured release of theScore app on WP7, here (opens zune) it is!

For some reason, I still like Pro Sports Score better because of it's blazing speed.  theScore mobile app is pretty good, there are of course some bugs (i.e no matter how I arrange my favourite sports, NFL still shows up as the first page).  Play-by-play is included and you can set teams as your favourite so they show up in the favourite page and shows up first in the score board.  If you are confused as to how to add a team as a favourite, look up your favourite team under "scores" (if they are playing a game today, yesterday or tommorrow), select the game and hit your team's logo.  It's not obvious but you will see that your team's letter turns yellow (the border around the logo turns yellow as well).

theScore app does have news, standings, stats, game previews which Pro Sport Score lacks.  However, if you just want to glance at a score, I would still use Pro Sports Scores because its speed.

Like Pro Sports Score it is also free but still no CFL scores (again, hopefully they will have it by the time CFL starts).

I'll keep posting information on wp7 sports apps as they come out.  Keep them coming!

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