Sunday, January 30, 2011

WP7 Handset Poll + Spell It!

It has been 2.5 months since WP7 launched (for the European folks) and almost 2 months since the North American launch.  I always wonder what kind of wp7 headsets all you nice folks out in the Intertubes have. 

You know what I have (HTC Surround - stay tuned for my 2 months review coming soon...) I am interested in what kind of WP7 handsets you folks are using out there.  Please take some time to vote in the poll on the main blog page.  You are also free to leave comments as to why you pick your WP7 device.  No right or wrong choices, afterall, unlike some other popular phone out there, WP7 is all about giving customers choices!  I might even use your comments in a future WP7 buyer's guide.

btw, I am hooked by Spell It! (free scrabble type game in the marketplace).  I am not very good with spelling type games but I am having a blast. It's a turn-based type spelling game.  Go download it and if you are interested in a friendly game of scrabble (seriously, I am not very good at it), invite me to a game.  My username is 'dex'.


  1. Just came across this post. Glad u like our game. Let us know what you think about it. And feel free to suggest any new features. We always listen to any feedback and complains.

    Thanks for playing,
    Spell It Dev Team

  2. Still playing this everyday when I get a chance to. It's awesome (I think it's better than Ajax :)