Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trouble with Nodo updates? Microsoft has a solution for you

As Microsoft is rolling out this March update to the masses, from what I can see from various websites, things are going pretty smoothly for those who got pushed the official update or use this method to get the Nodo update.

But not all WP7 users are experience smooth sailing while updating their WP7 handsets.  Luckily, our Microsoft overlords has released some information to help those who are having problems.

Excerpt from Microsoft

"If you encounter 800705B4 while trying to install the February update, first try deleting the history files for Internet Explorer Mobile, Maps, and Search (this article provides step-by-step instructions). If you’ve tried that and still can’t install the update, then use the new Windows Phone Support Tool we’ve created."


In additional to this is that since Zune Desktop is going to save your phone image on your C: drive, please make sure you have enough disk space on your C: drive.  My backup file image is around 11GB.

The location of this backup image file is in C:\Users\<user id>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update directory.  I would suggest against deleting it but if you want to make a backup copy on another drive you have, just copy the directory underneath this directory to your backup harddrive for safe keeping

Good luck!

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