Tuesday, November 8, 2011

HTC Titan.. Sort of... If you don't like using any 3G in Canada

*WARNING* Stay the hell away from buying this phone from NCIX if you want to use this on ANY 3G networks in Canada.

Don't care about 3G? Then read on...

That fun and wacky online computer store NCIX.COM should be very familiar to a lot of folks in BC and some folks in Canada.

NCIX.com is currently selling the HTC Titan on their website for a cool $739.99 Cdn.  If you are interested in using with any kind of 3G speeds in Canada, you are out of luck as this lacks both the 1900Mhz (for you Rogers/Fido/Telus/Bell folks) and 1700Mhz (Wind/Mobilicity folks) so really, if you are crazy enough to get this, you are going to be stuck on the GSM bands (quad band).

So if you are that desperate for this piece of 4.7" inch of WP7.5 awesomeness, you can get your taste of the HTC Titan now.  I guess if you just want a GSM quad band WP7.5 phone like right now, and you don't care about data plans because WiFi is where it's at, you could pick this up now as it is unlocked.

I'd rather wait for the carrier subsidized ones.

*UPDATE* Turns out NCIX is not full of crazies..  amazon.com is selling for $799.99 US


  1. http://www.expansys.ca/htc-titan-windows-phone-7-5-smartphone-unlocked-850-1900-4g-225955/

    hey what do you make of this? would this work on koodo network?? The numbers do match...why are none of these phones here?

  2. Yes it will work on the big 3's 3G network. 1900mhz is the band you are looking for and this definitely has it.
    Not sure why none of the new gen wp7 handsets are here. One theory I speculate on is that the carriers here are forcing the new wp7 phones to be all running on 4g let networks.
    WIND mobile in their recent quarter news release states that they will be bring new Nokia smartphones into their fold in 2012 which means that it is likely we will see the Lumia 710 (tmobile US is on the same frequency - 1700mhz - releasing in the US on January 4, 2012). Personally I would love to see the Lumia 800 on WIND but that's a stretch

  3. according to the internet, the most reliable source anywhere, wp8 apollo will land in mid 2012...6-8 months to market, popularize and replace a product seems a stretch no?

  4. Sorry, I meant LTE on the first post.. stupid autocorrect.

    There's also a 'Tango' release between Mango and Apollo. Tango is currently rumoured to be a release that enables WP7 device chassis that uses a slower CPU (800Mhz) - for lower end devices.

    With the way MS releases their Windows Phone updates, I don't see why gen 1 devices aren't getting WP8. With the NoDo release MS managed to make the original WP7 works faster/smoother. And Mango is another example of newer firmware actually making the existing devices even faster.

    Another theory might be that they are trying to put more marketing firepower behind higher populated places such as Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Taiwan and HK are important strategic locations for them as they are traditionally Nokia territories and to some extend WM6 territories. Japan is always a hard place to crack.

    More European countries are getting the Nokia Lumia marketing assault. This unfortunately means that little populated (note I didn't say size) countries like Canada and Australia who got some original sweet WP7 launch loving were left behind.

    CES is just around the corner and we should see new WP7 devices (Lumia 900? are you real?)

    I do like your comment "according to the internet, the most reliable source anywhere..." beautiful. I think that's why I tend to shy my blog away from rumours (I sort of did that at the beginning but decided against that later on) There normally is enough differences between what we get in Canada vs. what our neighbours to the south gets on WP7 that would interest some of our non-US based readers.