Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Windows Phones 7 for Canada this Christmas?

It's nearly Christmas time and normally that's where most smartphone vendors pushes their wares.  Last year, WP7 was released around the November timeframe.  But this year, none of the big 3 or the little 2 even made a peep about the generation 2 of the WP7 devices.

What gives?

Have tweeted Windows Phone (@windowsphone) and nothing, I have even tweeted the program manager at Microsoft and... nothing.  Have tweeted the larger telcos here in Canada and still, nothing.

Has Microsoft abandoned Canada or are they just concentrating their firepower on countries with larger population (i.e. Taiwan, Hong Kong).  This is definitely getting ridicules.

This silent treatment is just bullshit.  All we have heard so far is that Nokia Canada is bringing a number of devices to Canada sometime next year.  It looks to me that if you are waiting for gen 2 WP7 devices to gift or to receive this Christmas, sad to say this but it does look like the iPhone is the other alternative for a polish UI experience.

If abandoning Canada this Christmas is the strategy for WP7, that's a real shame.

It is also very difficult for me to show the awesomeness of WP7 to my Canadian friends when they do not have a way to acquire one.

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