Monday, February 6, 2012

Vancouver Traffic Cam is updated

version 1.3 of the Vancouver Traffic has been approved and if you had installed it previously, the update will soon be available.  Still FREE!

In version 1.3, I have improved the pivoting between pages performance (it's a lot faster now!).
I have also added border wait times for the US Bound traffic in BC,

For those of you living across Canada, I do have another US bound border traffic wait time app that I am about submit for certification.  Should be available within this week (provided I didn't screw up something).  I'll post it up as soon as it gets certificated and is release.. and of course it is going to be free!

I didn't have time to add the 'My favourites Cam' feature yet as I was hoping that I can get the border cameras in quickly and improved the performance before Christmas comes around to aid in your travels.  But it is coming likely in the New Year.

* App Information *

It contains quite a few traffic cameras from around the Lower Mainland including:
  • *NEW in v1.3* - southbound border wait times
  • Border Cameras!  US Bound and Canada Bound 
  • Vancouver 
  • Burnaby
  • Surrey
  • Delta
  • Richmond
  • Fraser Valley 
  • New Westminster
  • Bridges/Tunnels - Iron Worker's Memorial, Lions Gate Bridge, Alex Fraser Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, Oak Street Bridge, George Massey Tunnel
I will be putting in another update soon with more cameras from around the region including border cameras.  Future enhancements includes: better filtering, my favourite traffics cams, more cameras, and maybe even live tile.  

If you live in other parts of BC, no worries, I am also working on a different traffic cam application for the rest of BC so stay tuned!

If you like to see more traffic cameras added to your city or whatever, send me a message from within the app and I'l see what I can do about it.

Use your Bing Vision to start your download:

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  1. Cool. I'll be sure to try this out once I get a wp7 phone in the new year. I'm just hoping that Rogers get some more recent devices, like Samsung Focus S. At the moment it seems that only one carrier here in Canada actually offer wp7 as an option!