Sunday, February 19, 2012

Smoked by Windows Phone

By now, some of you might have heard of something called #smokedbywindowsphone.

For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a Microsoft Campaign that started small at this year's CES by @BenThePCGuy (who works for Microsoft of course).

The challenge is that his claim is that the Windows Phone can do things faster than your smartphone could on everyday tasks like tweeting, posting stuff on facebook, etc.  If he cannot beat you with his HTC Titan, he will give the challenger $100 US for winning.  The cost of losing to him?  Say on camera that your phone was smoked by a windows phone.

Of course the chances of him coming up to Canada for any Windows Phone launch is very remote, but it is very fun to see these videos.

In a recent trip to california Microsoft store, his record was a stunning 37-0 (I think he was like 30-3 at CES - narrowly losing to couple of iPhone 4s and a Galaxy S II or something like that).

Here are some videos from the windowsphone website

Also, Wpcentral has reported that this #SmokedbyWindowsPhone campaign has spread to Hong Kong where they are offering people $1000HKD (around $125 Cdn) should they beat WP7 and so far they have an 32-0 record.

Just for fun I took my HTC Surround up against my friend's Samsung Galaxy S and smoked it good with simply taking a picture and posting on facebook.

What was really surprising was that just for fun I tried opening a website (cached cleared of course) against the brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus.  And was I surprised to see that on opening 10 different websites (full sites, not the mobile site), even my HTC Surround took 7 out of 10 websites opening away from the Galaxy Nexus.

So there you have it, try using your year old WP7 (Mango updated of course) to have some fun with your friends!

Source: WPCentral,

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