Sunday, February 12, 2012

LG Miracle breaks cover

All is quiet on the LG front as far as Mango phones are concerned.  There were blurry prototype photos of a LG mango phone in the past few months where you cannot really tell whether or not it was for real.

The LG Optimus 7 was one of the best gen 1 WP7 there was and yesterday I was checking out my friend's LG Optimus Quantum, I was surprised how many more LG OEM apps they have than the HTC OEM apps and the Samsung OEM apps.  From first glance it seems like LG themselves have more OEM apps than HTC and Samsung OEM apps combined.  Disheartening for myself as I have an HTC but at the same time good for you LG WP7 users.

Just when we thought LG has given up on the WP7 platform, there seems to be a little miracle for you LG WP7 fans.  There is something called the LG Miracle on the horizon and Engadget (or gsmarena i guess because of the watermarks) has uncovered the first clearer pictures of this device.

The screen size is looks to be around 4.0" to 4.3"unless that finger belong to a massive person... front facing camera.. but not much else is known about this phone.  The lack of a flash is kind of weird however.

With Telus getting the Lumia 800 and Rogers rumoured to get the Lumia 900 (they already have the Lumia 710), will Bell finally get in on some WP7 Mango action?  

Source: engadget

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