Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Microsoft Store... in Bellevue, Washington

I am currently in Bellevue, WA for the last couple of days on a software development course so I finally get a chance to check out one of seven official Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square.

Having never seen a Microsoft Store before, this was pretty weird.  It's twice the size of the Apple Store which is buried in a corner of the mall several stores down next to Nordstrom.

I took this picture on a Monday night so the mall was pretty dead.  Got to see something called EXOPC
which is a Window Slate PC or you can call it Microsoft shitty attempt at trying to fool the general public that they also have a tablet type PC (ala iPad).  Played with it a bit but man... was it crappy..  It's pretty much a Netbook with no keyboard and shitty battery life.  Slow as hell.  Stay the hell away from that piece of crap...

More promising is the Dell Inspiron duo.  But still it's a network book with some smarts (i.e. auto starts some program as soon as you flip the screen into "tablet" mode)... still, it ain't no iPad which is kind of disappointing for me because I was hoping that MS might have some good tablets but looks like either I have to keep waiting or get the RIM Playbook.

For you WP7 fans, I finally got to play with a Dell Venue Pro.  Same AMOLED screen as on the Samsung Focus so the screen is beautiful.  The slide out keyboard is pretty sweet and the built of the device is pretty solid.  Rumour over at wpcentral.com has it that Rogers is releasing this handset in March 2011 so that's pretty awesome news for those of you waiting for a keyboard WP7 phone.  Personally I would get this over the HD7 Pro or the LG Optimus Quantum if want a WP7 with a keyboard.

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