Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Four New Apps for the LG WP7 masses

One cool thing that WP7 has is the ability for their different manufacturers (LG, HTC, Samsung.. soon Nokia?) to distribute apps that are created only for their own devices so that they could distinguish themselves from each other eventhough the OS is exactly the same.

While Samsung and HTC have been slacking off in a major way, LG has been busy releasing pretty cool apps for the LG Optimus 7 and the Optimus Quantum.  Being a HTC user, I am getting a little bit jealous.

Hit up this link at to check out the WPCentral's pretty good demo video on these new apps.  Should be available like right now if you have an LG brand WP7 device. 

It's nice to see that even though LG has been the only complaining about the WP7 device sales not meeting their expectations, they are still putting effort in trying to get potential WP7 customers to their platform.

Let's see some love for us HTC and Samsung WP7 users.  Are you listening HTC/Samsung?

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