Monday, February 14, 2011

WP7 News at MWC 2011

Not going to bored you with the details, if you want detail information on the MWC 2011 regarding WP7, you can either go here or here.  I am just going to summarize what happened at the MS keynote here:
 Go WP7!
  1. Preview of updates
  2. "NoDo" update coming in March.. yay to copy and pasting and faster game launches
  3. CDMA versions coming in March (not sure how this impacts Telus/Bell)
  4. *side note* - LG hates WP7 - no handset at MWC 2011 apparently - maybe they'd do better if their WP7 handsets doesn't suck
  5. "Mango" preview? Multitasking! Broader integration with SkyDrive - including Office Hub - you can share and view other people's documents on SkyDrive using your WP7 handset, Twitter Integration in People's hub.
  6. Ooooooo!  Demo time!
  7. Recap of what you and I know already....
  8. More Demo recap....
  9. Zzzzzzzz....
  10. Demo of future stuffs - likely the Mango update
  11. Multitasking - switch between apps is instantaneous.  Press and hold the back button to bring up apps running in the background (ala WebOS) - large swipeable cards - not sure how to kill an app running in the background however.  If they really is like WebOS, perfect swiping the card up to terminate?
  12. IE9 on WP7 - pisses all over Safari on iPhone 4 as IE9 is hardware accelerated
  13. Extra demo?  Kinect and WP7 in perfect harmony.  Girl on couch using WP7 to throw balls at a guys' balls.
  14. 8000 apps, 30k registered developers, 1 million SDKs downloaded since launch.  More apps downloaded on day 1 of WP7 than any other day 1 devices (seriously?)
  15. Nokia dude!  Microkia is going to be great!
  16. Ovi map type capabilities to not only WP7 bing maps, but to all Bing Maps...
As I was following the keynote at 7am PST, you can see that near 7-9 i nearly passed out.  But interesting stuff came back with the Mango tech demo.  MS assured that they were showing early builds of real code.  Go agile development!

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