Monday, February 21, 2011

Pre-NoDo is coming....

Stay tuned....


*Updated* from Microsoft

*Update #2* - I tried to update my HTC Surround but since I haven't received the update notification, I couldn't update.. this is pretty interested way for Microsoft to push updates out (well, at least the notifications)

My friend who has a Samsung Focus on Rogers has successfully updated his phone.  No difference what-so-ever according to him.  Just an Updater update...

Once I get the go-ahead, I'll try it out right away.  People in Europe have reported problems with updating the Samsung Omnia 7.  No one here has one (different 3G bands) so no problems for us so far...

*Update #3* - Some people are having problems upgrading their Samsung Focus.  So Microsoft is re-releasing a new update within 3 days - it has something to do with your firmware version.

as for me, still no update notification for my Surround.  Anyone out their who has a HTC device had the update notification pushed out to them and have you updated your phone?


  1. My Samsung focus updated fine

  2. Still waiting for my update notification.. sigh..