Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ESPN ScoreCenter

Finally a major North American sports network has released a sports scores and news app for WP7. 

ESPN has finally released a pretty good sports scores and news app.  After my brief time with it, you can pick from A LOT of leagues around the world be it soccer, hockey, and even you guessed it, volleyball.

For Canadians, first thing I went through was of course to attempt to locate this football league we called "CFL" and lo-and-behold, it is missing.

It does load the scores pretty quickly (quicker than TheScore sports app), but my favourite feature with it is that you can pick and choose all your favourite teams.  Once you have done that, it has a view that shows only the scores for your favourite teams in one convenience page.  True "glance-n-go" feature.

It's pretty cool and it's free so go download it and check it out! 

I don't think we TSN is too far away from releasing their own app soon.  Last time ESPN ScoreCenter was released on the iPhone (when I had my iFone 3G), I think it was within a month before the TSN version appeared.

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