Monday, March 14, 2011

Zune (Hardware) is dead

Today, Microsoft has killed off the Zune hardware that we Canadian really never got to know (especially the awesome Zune HD - which Canadians never actually have seen unless we make those trips down to the States).

Those of you who actually own one of these mythical devices here Canada (usually from those The Source sales), witnessed the humble beginnings of what we WP7 users have grown to love - the Metro UI.

Microsoft will continue their efforts on the Zune software (including the surprisingly good and slick Zune Desktop).

This makes sense consider that even Apple's iPod sale have dropped since the introduction of the iPhones.  So Microsoft now should be able to concentrate their firepower on the Windows Phone 7.

Goodbye Zune player(s), we (Canadians) hardly knew ye (quite possibly because we don't get Zune Music Pass here).

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