Monday, March 28, 2011

HTC Compass App now available!

In a previous post, I was bitching about how HTC and Samsung hasn't shown any love for their WP7 adopters like LG has.

At least for HTC, a new app has appear.  It's a compass app.. errr... yay (pretend high fives all around).  Still better than no love.

This Compass app is a bit more interesting than just showing off the compass inside your WP7 handset.  You can set a destination on a map (inside the app) and using the compass overlay, you can follow the pre-routed route, adjust your heading using the compass, and start walking.

It is FREE of course.  But unfortunately, it's only for HTC WP7 handsets.

Last I checked it hasn't showed up on the HTC Hub yet.  But you can go to the Marketplace on your HTC handset, search for "HTC" and you will find this compass app.  (Obviously you cannot find this on your Zune Desktop as it is DRM to HTC).

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