Thursday, March 10, 2011

No NoDo + Marketplace hitting 10,000 apps real soon

It looks like the NoDo update will be out when it is out.  Some devices are currently shipped with NoDo preinstalled.   Just not sure what's happening with the carrier push of the firmware update.

No more speculated dates from me.  It will be out when it is out and when happens, you'll be first (or second) to know.

Other the other hand, WP7 marketplace should be approaching 10,000 apps very very soon. That means that overtaking BlackBerry AppWorld in the number of apps will happen within half a year (or even faster).

*Update* more BS from Microsoft.  To summarize, NoDo will be ready when it's ready.  When it's ready, it will be ready when you carrier is ready... and so on and so forth.  That's it, no more NoDo date speculations from me.  Next time I write anything about this I will be reviewing it on my phone (that pretty much means I finally got it).

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