Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finally, A Date For Telus Customers For Nodo Update

Finally, a date.

March 29, 2011 is the big date for you using unlocked Telus WP7 handsets and Telus WP7 customers.

Browsing through the Telus phone pages this morning yield this information

"The earliest date that a TELUS customer can receive the Windows Phone 7 software update is Tuesday March 29th, 2011. Microsoft is releasing the software update in a phased approach and it may take up to four weeks for all TELUS customers to have the option to receive the update and upgrade their device software.
Keep your smartphone running efficiently by using the latest available software.
The release of OS software 7.0.7389.0, provides the following benefits and enhancements for your smartphone."

Still combing through the Intertubes to find information for you Rogers, and Bells customers.

Source: Telus HTC Surround


  1. I'm on Telus and I just got my February update a few hours ago. According to Bill Simser on twitter, he is also with telus, got the February update today, rebooted and then the nodo update was waiting for him as well. Although he is using an Omnia 7 phone, which if I am correct, is not a telus phone, which would explain why he got both updates.

  2. Thanks for the info!

    you are not using an unlocked HTC Surround are you? I am using an unlocked one on Fido. Probably going to try plugging into Zune tonight when I get home to see if I get the notification.

    how was the update process? smooth I hope?

    The Nodo updates are going out today for the non-brand phones which would explain why your friend got the notification.

    A lot of the newer WP7 handsets are rolling out with NoDo preinstalled (Dell Venue Pro in India, HTC Arrive in the US).

  3. My phone isn't unlocked. I didn't get the notification on the phone, just when I randomly checked in the zune software. Update was very painless, no issues whatsoever.

  4. Looks like the unlocked HTC Surround are getting Telus love as well. Like Mike said you have to plug your phone into Zune Desktop to get the update.