Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How To Set Your Starting Calendar Day on WP7

One of the thing about Windows Phone 7 is that pretty much all the 1st party apps settings can be set via the phones settings page or you can set it up via the settings page for the app (i.e. emails, calendars, etc).  It's almost BlackBerry like but with the additional ability of the simple to use "Settings" hub.

However, when someone asked how he/she could set the starting date on their wp7 device calendar, naturally, I opened the Calendar app, press settings and I was a bit puzzled since there was no such setting which is a bit strange. 

The good news is that after digging a little bit more, I have finally found it.  Read on for the settings...

To change your start date to pretty much any day of the week:
  1. Open your settings hub
  2. click on "Region & Language"
  3. Scroll to the middle of the page and locate "First Day of the Week"
  4. Click on the default and change it to whatever you like.
Also, there are other hand gestures you can do to scroll through the months on the calendar.  When I first got the device, I was clicking on the "January" in the month view to bring up the months list which I thought was a bit strange if I want to go to the next months.  All you got to do to scroll to the next months is flick your finger up or down.  There, no more clicking 3 times to go to the next months :)

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