Saturday, March 19, 2011

Trouble with WP7 Marketplace

One of the readers Mike, brought this to my attention.  It seems like around March 18/19, he is experiencing some problems with installing new apps and updating existing apps.  I tried it on my HTC Surround (same phone he's got) and I am experiencing the same problems

Any of you Samsung Focus users or LG users are seeing this problem?  Since the HTC Surround is still running on build 7004 (no Nodo, no Pre-Nodo), we are not sure if this problem is caused by the lack of Nodo/Pre-Nodo updates.

I am also having problems synchronization my hotmail that is linked to my WP7.  I am going to speculate that this might have something to do with it as all our WP7 info is kept in the "Cloud".  I'll keep searching for a solution to this (I have tried different things already - not factory reset - I'd advise against this actually) and wait it out.

If you ran into this problem and have a solution to this, please post it in the comments section.

Thanks Mike for bringing this to my attention!  I thought it was just me.

Update March 20 AM: Things seems to be working again.  For those of you who are confused about "stuck" installation (i.e. attention require message on your app download screen) you do not have to delete your original app and reinstall again.  Just tab the item and hold for the retry menu.  Keep on apping!


  1. Well mine seems to be working again today. Just waited overnight and it's back to somewhat normal. I did have a problem installing one app from the phone, it kept on giving me an error part way through the download, but when I hit retry, it finally worked after about 3 or 4 tries. I was also having problems syncing my hotmail account, but that is working as well today. Hopefully this was just a one day glitch on Microsofts end.

  2. I'm seeing this on my htc trophy in australia, apps and updates not installing, same time line as what you mention above too, and marketplace seems to be stuck on the same background since, have you heard any official word from microsoft about this?

  3. @luke. For us in Canada, we ran into this over a weekend and after a couple of days, it fixed itself. It probably has something to do with them updating Windows Live or something.

    So far, I haven't seen this problem in the past month.

    Have you updated your Trophy with Nodo/March update? It's shouldn't matter because I do not believe it's a problem with your phone. When we hit this problem, our Americans neighbours weren't experiencing this problem at all (at least from what I can tell).

  4. i can't use it in Maldives i mean the market place

  5. @Forbidden, you can't use it at all or just temporarily?