Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just updated my SIM Unlocked HTC Surround to Pre-NoDo

Wow, that was fast.  If you have an unlocked Telus HTC Surround and was worried about the loading to Pre-NoDo update, here's my experience (my co-worker ran it and same result) with this Pre-NoDo update.

Phone: Unlocked HTC Surround from Telus
Space left on my device: around 4GB (my co-worker had around 8GB remaining on his)

As soon as I plug in my Surround into my PC, Zune Desktop startup.  Waited for a bit as I want to see if the WP7 updater starts right away or do I have to manually do it. 

After 30 seconds or so, the WP7 updater starts up on your Zune Desktop and it actually tells you how long the update is going to take.  So no manual "force sync" here.  For me, it claim it was 20 minutes.

I press OK to start the update process.  It took less than 5 minutes I swear. 

After all is done and good, I disconnected the phone from my PC.

Now, the first thing I wonder is whether or not the phone remains "unlocked".  The answer to that question is a gigantic YES!!!

So if you have a SIM unlocked HTC Surround and am waiting for this answer, go for it and spread the good word.  The others WP7 handsets I would imagine it to remain unlocked as the OS part and the phone part of the WP7 appears to be seperate unlike some other OS (*cough* iOS *cough*). 

After all that your build version should be at 7008.

Oh yeah, if you are running a Jailbroken (ala ChevronWP7) WP7 handset, this update will likely break your jailbroken handset.

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