Monday, March 7, 2011

AT&T NoDo to drop today + other Rumours

One of the hottest rumours last month was the rumoured released date of NoDo is sometime this week (March 8th to be precise).  Some of you have seen the Pre-NoDo update on your Samsung Focus on Rogers while others, (including myself) weren't so lucky.

Rumours also has it that the AT&T Samsung Focus is getting the NoDo update sometime today.  I'll keep an eye on this keep you all updated. 

Update #1 (March 7, 10:30 PST) - All is quiet.. a little too quiet - no rumours, nothing... strange..

Other hot rumours from the pass week:

The ASUS phone does have some merit to it as the oft seen E600 prototype was a development phone for some of the earlier WP7 developers.

The Sony Ericsson one is a little bit "iffy".  XBOX Live on a SE phone? I think it is highly unlikely.

It is nice to see that all these manufacturers are hopping on board (real or not), it only brings more attention and exposure to what is already an excellent and polish platform.

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